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Jacob Anderskov’s “EMERALD”

Contemporary DKK 150/75 for the evening - partout (4 days) 600/400 DKK

No advance tickets

Light, shadow and deep-dark colour combinations alternate effortlessly in the soundscape of the new studio album “Emerald" from Jacob Anderskov. As on the internationally highly acclaimed albums with his “Agnostic Revelations” quartet, we are witnessing Anderskov’s reinventing take on the medium-sized ensemble central to his overall oeuvre. Sounding unlike anything else right now, this is new, innovative music. Compositions and improvisations oscillate between the spectral (here in the sense: the overtone-oriented, post-human) and the expressive (here: an embodied, soulful expression with a background in human experiences).

Line up:
  • Lotte Anker, tsax+ssax
  • Anders Banke, bclar + alto flute
  • Henriette Groth, clarinet + viola
  • Jacob Anderskov, piano
  • Nils Davidsen, bass + cello
  • Peter Bruun, drums

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