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Nikolaj Hess, Francois Moutin (FR) & Donald Edward (US)

Nikolaj Hess trio featuring Francois Moutin double bass & Donald Edwards drums.

Improvisation, playfulness, and interplay at its core, when this virtuoso super trio performs a contemporary blend of timeless standards, Danish classics, Hess's prize-winning compositions, as well as Dylan, Ellington, and more.

Nikolaj Hess's piano playing is characterized by a golden touch, a highly personal melodic sense, and a creative mix of virtuosity, groove, and imagination. Hess's musical influences reflect a deep understanding of American and Nordic jazz traditions, as well as a wide-ranging, sparkling musicality that spans from electronica and krautrock to classical, folk, and roots music.

Moutin's raw virtuosic bass playing together with Edward’s imaginative and hard swinging drums, forms a pulsating foundation and communication with Hess's beautiful expressive lyrical explorations on a journey through evocative ballads, hypnotic grooves, swing, cin...

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Line up:
  • Nikolaj Hess - flygel
  • Francois Moutin - bas
  • Donald Edward - trommer

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