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Nikolaj Hess NYC Quartet feat. Francois Moutin (FR), Donald Edwards (US) & Marc Mommaas (NL)

Nikolaj Hess NYC Quartet featuring Francois Moutin & Marc Mommaas

NH brings together three exciting New York collaborations in an imaginative, virtuosic, intensely grooving super quartet.

The undertone of the music is playful and communicating, with a melodic nerve and captivating groove and energy. Moutin's raw virtuosic bass playing together with Edward’s imaginative and hard swinging drums, forms a pulsating sounding board and communication with Hess and Mommaas' beautiful expressive lyrical explorations on a journey of evocative ballads, hypnotic grooves and swing, cinematic soundscapes and singing melody lines.

It's a genuine musical New York hybrid alloy with musicians with background from Louisiana, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and New York, gathered in Hess's Nordic perspective with inspiration from West Africa and well-established roots in NYC.

The music is Hess's award-winning compositions mixed with visits from El...

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Line up:
  • Nikolaj Hess - piano
  • Marc Mommaas - tenor sax
  • Francois Moutin - bass
  • Donald Edwards - drums

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