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Lars Jansson & Thomas Agergaard: Garden of Sounds

Contemporary DKK 305

Garden of Sounds is the title of Lars Jansson and Thomas Agergaard's critically acclaimed release from 2023.
Agergaard and Jansson's collaboration dates back to the mid-90s when Lars Jansson replaced Carsten Dahl and the Thomas Agergaard Quartet.
In 1995 Lars Jansson participated in Agergaard's project Live Boxing Live Jazz a series of boxing matches accompanied by Jazz (Line Up Agergaard, Jens Winther Tp. Lennart Ginman, Bass, Lars Jansson, Piano, Anders Kjellberg, Drums) They recorded a quartet album on the same occasion named Green Cities, it was not released, but found its way out in 2021 and this year rounds 4 million streams.

Line up:
  • Lars Jansson & Thomas Agergaard

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