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Jorden Rundt med Malene Kjærgård

Børnejazz Jazz for Kids DKK 100 (voksne), 50 (børn)

It is jazz at children's level, which is inspired by music from different countries. Why is it basically never completely quiet in Cuba? Why is there a bell hanging across the Yukon River? Why do they throw colors in India and lotus flowers in Thailand? And what exactly is a sauna? Why does Hawaii look like a giant chocolate cake? Why is Ernesto's mother so tough on the island of Trinidad? And why does Malene's grandfather want chili con carne and not flowers on his grave when he is dead?

Take your children on a musical journey around the world with "Around the Earth with Malene Kjærgård". Go with Malene on a discovery in her grandfather's big, old travel suitcase, full of stories, souvenirs and finds from all over the world.

For a "Jorden Rundt" concert, the children come along on an interactive musical journey, where they, among other things, will join "Mardi Gras" in New Orleans, a riotous color festival in India, see the cherry blossoms in Japan and ...

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Line up:
  • Malene Kjærgård (Vocal), Maj Berit Guassora (Trompet m.m), Regin Fuhlendorf (Guitar), Tobias Dall (Kontrabas), Tira Skamby (Percussion)

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