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Baby blues, delicious ear hangers, raw swinging dance hits and relaxing listening songs will set the scene when Musiksanseriet performs at turkis in Aarhus!

Take your children to an involving, sensory and musical play concert for the little ones (0-6 years old). The floor is cleared so that you can dance, swing and spin with scarves, balls and rattle eggs.

Musiksanseriet won the "Children's Jazz Prize" at the Danish Music Awards Jazz '23, was nominated for the Carl Prize '23 for "Composer of the Year Children's Music", and in '21 Malene was nominated for the Children in the City Prize for "Children's Culture Personality of the Year" and "Online Entertainment of the Year ”.

For the smallest children, music, perception and motor development are a trinity. The child senses music with the whole body. While the music is playing, the music will help motor, language and cognitive development. These elements will therefore quite naturally merge in...

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