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Camilla Dayyani Group and Strings ft. Mohammad Ali Merati & Nazanin Ranjpour

Experience Camilla Dayyani spanning centuries and continents as she sets music to a series of Persian and Danish poems and celebrates the release of her latest album 'Mine Miniatures' at turkis in Aarhus!

For a large ensemble consisting of 10 musicians, Camilla Dayyani has written music that taps into something universally human, something diverse with a harmonious expression.

Poets like Rumi, Khayyam and Farrokhzad meet Karen Blixen and Piet Hein in a way that makes it feel natural to span centuries and continents. Human aspects which are the same regardless of time and place.

The music moves in the space between jazz, classical music and Persian folklore, and the ensemble, which includes a string quartet, a jazz quartet and a Persian duo, plays alternately in smaller constellations and as a full ensemble. The tightly arranged mixes with the free and improvisational. Højskole singing meets prayer calls.

As a singer and compo...

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Line up:
  • Camilla Dayyani - Vokal
  • Fredrik Lundin - Saxofoner og fløjter
  • Artur Tuznik - Klaver
  • Thomas Sejten - Bas
  • Tue Lautrup - Violin
  • Marie Lestrelin - Violin
  • Trine Dalsgaard - Bratsch
  • Samira Dayyani - Cello
  • Mohammad Ali Merati - Kamanche
  • Nazanin Ranjpour - Daf og Bendir

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