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Gustaf Ljunggren & Skúli Sverrisson

Let yourself be led through a gently pulsating and intimately atmospheric soundscape with two of Northern Europe's most loved and sought-after instrumentalists, Swedish Gustaf Ljunggren and Icelandic Skúli Sverrisson.

Gustaf Ljunggren and Skúli Sverrisson visit the different mood states from the music on the album "Floreana", with great attention to the space and surroundings where the music is performed.

Gustaf Ljunggren says about the music: "I listened inwardly and it sounded like this. There were melodies and I chose to say "yes" to them, to accept them and lift them forward. Skúli Sverrisson has been involved all the way through this process; he has entered the music with great dedication and artistic care, helping with arrangements, ideas for structures and moods. Not least Skúli has contributed with his wonderful, intense and generous musicianship with full presence.”

The music gives the listener access to something forgotten or...

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