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M Rosenbaum

In March M Rosenbaum debuted with the song "More" - her first ever release - which went straight into rotation on P6 Beat, followed by the P6 hit "Morning Person" from her debut album Perversions.

M Rosenbaum is now ready to present the touching life stories in an intimate format as part of Vinterjazz 2024.

M Rosenbaum's musical universe mixes the melancholic melodies of folk and church music with a great declaration of love for nostalgic wind segments and the galloping drums of country music.

Not much music feels as organic as M Rosenbaum's does. Her distinctive vocal tone and powerful lyrical confessions go straight to the heart. And in collaboration with successful producer Søren Buhl Lassen, she has created a multifaceted album full of musical gems.

M Rosenbaum plays his songs in full format this evening with Oliver Urth (guitar), Karen Buhl Lassen (synthesizer, vocals), Eva Stokkendal (saxophone, flute), Mathias Jørg...

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Line up:
  • Maria Kjær Rosenbaum Rasmussen: Guitar og vokal
  • Karen Lassen: Synthesizer og vokal
  • Oliver Urth: Guitar og vokal
  • Eva Stokkendal: Saxofon, tværfløjte
  • Mathias Jørgensen: Bas
  • Daniel Nygaard: Trommer