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JD FOUR [Jonas Due & Friends]

Last summer, Jonas Due visited KLEIN's Dansepavillon with the band OTOOTO for a blast of a concert to a full house. Now he's back with his new project JD FOUR, consisting of four acclaimed musicians and improvisers from Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

This band is a intimate investigation of harmony, beats, the trumpet and analog synthesis created in order to question “what is the meaning of the trumpet anno 2023”? And if arts, music and improvisation is a mirror of todays society, then how does that translate into a ”jazz” quartet?

Shapes and colors interact in a vivid display of musical talent, while the quartet investigates and unfold the contemporary yet simple compositions of Jonas Due. The band is both a modern musical statement, and a testament to music history and culture - drawing inspiration from danish church-music, synthetic house, R&B, pop and bebop.

Jonas formed the band from a deep urge to begin anew and create somethi...

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Line up:
  • Jonas Due (DK) - trompet, effekter og komposition
  • Nikita Rafaelov (FI) - keys
  • Simon Peterson (SE) - kontrabas
  • Andreas Svendsen (DK) - trommer