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Frk. Jacobsen

"In the front garden of Danish experimental music, rubies, fantasy and cacophonous gold bloom"

This was the headline in Dagbladet Information when Frk. Jacobsen's album 'I HAVEN' was reviewed along with the album 'Mesmerizer' by Selvhenter and 'The Art of Playing the Fantasia' by Anders Lauge Meldgaard.

Experience Frk. Jacobsen at Vinterjazz at KLEIN with the experimental concert format I HAVEN, which will be full of explosive inner imaginary power and sonic surprises.

I HAVEN is an experimental concert format in the sense that a narrative in the form of a play in the lyrics of the songs takes place alongside the music. Each concert is different, as Anja Jacobsen works with organic changes in lyrics and music, so some gardens are very lush and green, others are dystopian gardens from the future, and others seem grotesque and adventurous, full of transformations, ala heifer calves turning into glowing stones.

The songs unfold a...

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Line up:
  • Anja Jacobsen (trommer, percussion, sang)
  • Lars Bech Pilgaard (guitar)
  • Lil Lacy (keyboard, cello, klokker)
  • Nicolai Kaas Claesson (bas)