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Hopeful jazz grooves from OTOOTO

Indie jazz band OTOOTO attempts to mirror modern society and translate its vibrations into sound. Through their music, they convey purity, love, and joy. OTOOTO's sound is defined by Oilly Wallace and Jonas Due's lyrical and airy melodies, paired with the characteristic sound of the legendary vintage synthesizer Juno 60. Add a strong neo-soul/R&B groove, and you have the framework for the band's universe.

As a listener, you are immediately immersed in a sense of hope as the music unfolds harmoniously and playfully. Their latest album, the second from the band, Dosage, was released last year. It followed their critically acclaimed debut album, This Love Is For You (2021). On Dosage, OTOOTO is joined by rapper E. Brown and indie-pop singer Lucky Lo, among others.

The band represents a unique composition of five prominent personalities in Danish jazz in a way that hasn't been seen before. Since coming together...

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Line up:
  • Line up i bandet udgøres af:
  • Jonas Due (trompet)
  • Oilly Wallace (saxofon)
  • Calle Brickman (keys)
  • Matthias Petri (bas)
  • Andreas Svendsen (trommer)

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