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Anker/Sandell/de Heney (DK/SE) + Forbidden Color (CH)

Contemporary DKK 120/80

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FORBIDDEN COLOR is a quartet of experimental music on historical instruments conceived by Violeta Motta and Rodolphe Loubatière, in collaboration with Anna-Kaisa Meklin and Sandra Weiss. The four musicians explore together the different possibilities of  identifying phenomena related to Baroque performance, such as timbre, nuances, colours, etc., or any element that can make the transition between the usual and the imperceptible sensory. They underline and speak spaces that disturb us in the face of the idea of the familiar and deepen that unique area of conflict between the place of one music and another.

Anker/Sandell/de Heney (DK/SE)
Trio collaboration by 3 eminent and idiosyncratic musicians/improvisers/composers. All three well acquainted with each other from numerous bands, projects and ad hoc constellations over the decades. This is the first time though, they perform as a trio. Powerful expressions, sonic explorations, beautiful confrontations, inte...

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Line up:
  • Forbidden Color (CH)
  • Sandra Weiss - Bassoon
  • Rodolphe Loubatière - Snaredrum
  • Anna-Kaisa Meklin - Viola da Gamba
  • Violeta Motta - Traverso & Hybrid flutes
  • Anker/Sandell/de Heney (DK/SE)
  • Lotte Anker - saxophones
  • Sten Sandell - piano, voice
  • Nina de Heney - double bass

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