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HYPNO QLUB III: Gintė Preisaitė & Ekkoflok + Jerome Noetinger & dieb13 (DE) + Mads Kinnerup

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Gintė Preisaitė & Ekkoflok
Gintė Preisaitė and Ekkoflok are exploring the meeting of acoustic and electronic objects, tape loops creating live collages and complex layered soundscapes live on the spot. Gintė works with piano and concentrates on a variety of timbres, texture, collaged melodies and percussive aspects to transcend the piano sounding into the new space - by the use of preparations, electronics and magnetic tape.
Ekkoflok has spent many years researching and building/designing electronic instruments, which has been the foundation of his artistic practice. Having an extended knowledge about electronics, machines and programming helps realise most complex ideas which happen in a head.

Jerome Noetinger & dieb13 (DE)
Jérôme Noetinger and dieb13 come from similar planets in the galaxy of experimental music. One grew up in the two-suns sytem named "reel to reel", the ot...

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Line up:
  • Gintė Preisaitė & Ekkoflok
  • Jerome Noetinger & dieb13 (DE)
  • Mads Kinnerup

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