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Salomon Jakobsson (SE) + Steinar Aadnekvam (NO)

Soulful Guitar Evenings are a series of double concerts taking place at Union during Vinterjazz 2024. The concerts are curated by Deodato Siquir.

Salomon Jakobsson
Salomon Jakobsson is an acoustic guitar player and composer from Sweden. With an attentive focus to detail he is exploring the boundaries between improvisation and composition, electronics and acoustics. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Bach, Niels Frahm and King Crimson the result is an ethereal and cinematic yet playful storytelling.

Steinar Aadnekvam
Steinar Aadnekvam is one of the most active and most talked about young and upcoming guitarists on the Scan- dinavian jazz scene.
Born in 1984, he is a mature and soulful musician. A rare guitar virtuoso.
An artist with a message. A person with something to say.

Line up:
  • Salomon Jakobsson
  • Steinar Aadnekvam
  • Isildo Novela
  • Deodato Siquir

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