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Vinterjazz From Hell Pt. 1

Vinterjazz from Hell is a series in Copenhagen during the Vinterjazz and highlights jazz through an experimental and improvised music lens. This year we open at Union with an exciting lineup.

Servin Asa
Sarvin Asa is an Italian/Iranian cellist. She studied classical performance in Italy, Norway and in Denmark, where she currently resides. She is currently playing in different projects involving her as both classical musician and improviser. She is also leading interdisciplinary practices - mainly with dancers - and developing her solo project, where her unconventional cello sounds meets the Iranian roots through a mix of improvisation and original compositions.

Marijke Florien
Marijke Florien is a musician, vocalist, instrumentalist, producer, lyricist, composer, arranger and songwriter living in Copenhagen and Belgium. She started her musical journey as a classical pianist and learned as a child what it means to write melodies and harmony f...

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