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Friends of Asia (SK) + Elcides Carlos (MZ)

Soulful Guitar Evenings are a series of double concerts taking place at Union during Vinterjazz 2024. The concerts are curated by Deodato Siquir.

Friends of Asia
Get ready for a musical journey with Friends of Asia, a dynamic duo featuring the soulful vocals of Asia and the masterful electric guitar artistry of Stanislav Počaji. This unique ensemble seamlessly blends the genres of indie, jazz, and blues, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

Elcides Carlos
Elcides Carlos grew up in the suburbs of Maputo, surrounded by the vinyls of his record collecting father. His debut album “Sence of Presence” released in February 2023 is the most demanded in the Mozambican Jazz scene, featuring some of the best solists that the country has to offer, like: Xixel Langa, Bhaka Yafole, Lalah Mahigo and Deodato Siquir.

Line up:
  • Asia
  • Stanislav Počaji
  • Elcides Carlos
  • Isildo Novela
  • Deodato Siquir

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