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Tefa Libre + Mambe + Gogo Yubari + CHIEF

Global DKK 100

Tefa Libre
Independent Venezuelan rap artist, based in Copenhagen. Tefa Libre’s style is characterized with 90s boom bap sounds over samples of jazz, soul & Lo-Fi. Her lyrics invite reflection and awareness, creating a mix of good music with content. Her show will feature special artists who will accompany her with acoustic instruments, giving the final touch to the performance.

Claudia Rodríguez Ahlfors, a.k.a Mambe from Mambe & Danochilango is a talented rapper, singer, musician, and DJ hailing from Colombia. With her unique style of blending electronic beats with rhythms from around the world, including afrobeat, reggae, dub, and cumbia, Dj Mambe has established herself as a front-runner in the Latin music scene in DK.

Gogo Yubari
Gogo uses her voice as a weapon and she is a force to be reckoned with. Each time she sings, she pours out her heart and soul. Gogo was born in Kenya, raised in Denmark, and lived in Colombia. A...

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Line up:
  • Tefa Libre
  • Gogo Yubari
  • Mambe
  • Chief

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