The Community

Humlebækgade 12, st. tv., 2200 København
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The Community is an international collective of improvisers which tries to create and expand relationships between musicians worldwide through organizinginteractive musical events. We believe in the strength of cooperation, and the importance of diversity and freedom of expression in music and in life. The Community is an open community which constantly grows and which depends on its members energy and will to create activities and cooperate. We are open for new ideas and new members both inside and outside the musical field and we constantly try to make connections to new environments of improvisers in other cities and countries. In the same way we also try to create our activities in new venues and with new themes and participants in order to also connect to new local environments and invite new audiences.


The Community was founded in 2014 in Copenhagen (DK) and Berlin (DE) by Nana Pi and Mia Dyberg, and the events are mainly organ"...

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