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Sunday Sessions: Sono Figures Society + Fossum/Ólafsdóttir/Huarachi/Gouffault/Różalski

Eksperimental jazz DKK 120 / 80


Sono Figures Society - small works
Sono Figures Society is a Copenhagen based group out of the Norwegian composer, musician and puppeteer Marte Røyeng, German vocalist, puppeteer and puppet maker Sarah Buchner (based in Denmark) and Danish-American Textile and Costume Designer Nat Johns.
They met over their shared fascination for contemporary puppet theater and experimental sound, aiming to contribute through cross-disciplinary artistic innovation within the Nordic scene for experimental music and theater.
Aesthetically dedicated towards punk surrealism their work explores different methods to connect sound and puppet – from improvisation, to composed theater, and extended musical composition. The group is on a long term journey to research what different meanings the term sound-puppetry can hold engaging in a from-scratch practice that includes building their own puppets and stage designs. They debuted in Copenhagen with their first piece ‘Kumulus Morpho’, ...

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Line up:
  • Sono Figures Society (NO/DE/US/DK)
  • Marte Røyeng - composer, musician and puppeteer
  • Sarah Buchner - vocalist, puppeteer and puppet maker
  • Nat Johns - textile and costume designer
  • -
  • PJ Fossum - piano
  • Ása Önnu Ólafsdóttir - guitar, electronics
  • Flavia Huarachi - flute, voice
  • Rafał Różalski - bass
  • Rémy Gouffault - drums, cymbals

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