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Adam Pultz Melbye + ITA (Maria Bertel/Vica Pacheco/Ying-Hsueh Chen) + Vildfaren (Anders Børup & Andreas Wetterberg)


Adam Pultz Melbye’s latest album Wade commences with static arco drones, eventually complimented by a digitally processed enigmatic sound recorded in the Wadden Sea in South-western Denmark. Still unidentified at the time of writing, the suspected culprit of this clicky and bubbly texture is the release of gas by microorganisms living in the seabed silt. Proceeding along through accumulating layers of signal processing, the dense textures give way to the plucked strings of the FAAB—a feedback double bass developed in collaboration with Hálldor Úlfarsson. While hovering at the edge of what artistic intervention can control, the feedback-induced self-oscillations of the bass strings merge with recordings from a cemetery and backyard in Berlin, bringing Wade to a close.
Adam’s previous album Dam was mainly recorded inside a dam hall in Bogong Village, Australia. Perhaps establishing a tradition for homages to water management architecture, the second track, Kammerslusen, i...

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Line up:
  • Adam Pultz - FAAB (feedback-actuated augmented bass), signal processing, field recordings
  • Vica Pacheco - video og lydkunstner
  • Ying-Hsueh Chen - percussion

  • Maria Bertel - trombone/synthesizer
  • Anders Børup - elektronik/vokal
  • Andreas Wetterberg - elektronik/visuals

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