Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015 transformed Copenhagen into the worlds largest jazz club

The 37th edition of Copenhagen Jazz Festival has ended after 10 days of jazz partying in the capital. This year the festival touched a new peak with astonishingly 1315 concerts. With such a scope the festival has once again proven its status as a historic and progressive city of jazz, breathing through the varieties of the capitals many jazz clubs.

“We are very pleased with both the quality as well as the variety of this year’s jazz festival, and with an increased ticket sales it really is hard to complain”, says festival manager Kenneth Hansen. “But the most important thing of all has been the many new encounters between the musicians and the audiences around the city, underlining the fact that Copenhagen Jazz Festival throughout the 10 festival days is an important part of the history of Copenhagen – and vice versa. A good example of this would be the widely publicized happening with Lady Gaga suddenly turning up at one of the city’s oldest jazz clubs to make an impulsive jam session”.

The headliners this year was, among others, Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea, Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil, Salif Keita, Brad Mehldau Trio, Jamie Cullum, Kenny Barron, Fire! Orchestra and Savage Rose. The official festival line-up touched a new peak with as much as 1315 concerts spread out over 100 different venues – that being both regular venues, concert halls, churches, cultural centres, cafés, gardens, city squares and specific festival venues.

Lady Gaga’s surprise appearance and her rendering of Edith Piafs “La Vie en Rose” at La Fontaine became a major festival story in both danish and international media. The video of her performance at the old jazz club reached 1.5 mil. views in only two days.

“Copenhagen Jazz Festival aim to present the best from the national and international jazz scene – and to state how multifarious the jazz scene is. That is why the festival holds everything from avantgarde from the perspective of children to great jazz divas” – says Kenneth Hansen.


Facts on Copenhagen Jazz Festival:

– Established in 1979

– One of the biggest jazz festivals in Europe

– 10 days, 100 venues, 1315 concerts

– This years festival poster was created by danish artist Julie Nord

– Copenhagen Jazz Festival is a commercial non-profit festival backed by the Nordea Fund (main contributor), the Danish Arts Foundation, Copenhagen Municipality and Frederiksberg Municipality


Coming festival dates:

– Vinter Jazz 2016, February 5. – 22.

– Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016, July 1. – 10.