The festival dates for 2018 are…

Copenhagen Jazz Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018. The dates for next year’s festivals are July 6-15 for the 40th edition of Copenhagen Jazz Festival and February 2-25 for the 18th edition of nationwide festival Vinterjazz.

Thanks to more than 120 venues and organizers presenting roughly 1400 concerts every year, Copenhagen Jazz Festival has the privilege of being one of the largest jazz festivals in the world. The festival aims at presenting the best from the contemporary international jazz scene and the most vital Danish acts, as well as sowing the seeds for new artistic initiatives by artists stretching the boundaries of jazz as a means of expression. The programme and line-up for the 40th edition of Copenhagen Jazz Festival will be announced continually here at as the festival draws near.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018, July 6-15

Vinterjazz is a nationwide music festival that takes place in February each year. The festival spans three weeks featuring more than 500 concerts, 100 venues and 25 independent organizers from all across Denmark – from Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Esbjerg to the historic jazz capital of Copenhagen. The combination of the festival’s length and the countrywide aspect makes Vinterjazz an opportunity to meet international stars on tour, new Danish award-winning projects and concert themes. Vinterjazz is first and foremost a club festival that kick-starts the season for the many Danish jazz clubs that create an environment where jazz can develop and live year round – a national initiative created locally.

Vinterjazz 2018, February 2-25

A special thanks to Copenhagen Jazz Festival’s main contributor Nordea-fonden.