Take a walk on the ‘smelly’ side af Vinterjazz 2015

When musician collective Barefoot Records asks what people think about their music the answer is: “Nej, så vil jeg sgu hellere høre Hvide Måge!” – which translates “Now, then I would rather listen to white seagulls”. During Vinterjazz 2015 Barefoot Records will let the people help to shape what happens during a spectacular four-day mini festival at Råhuset in Vesterbro in Copenhagen with a number of ad-hoc concerts in both large and small constellations around the house. Here you will get around the improvised music’s dark nooks and crannies, as well as hear new and fearless sounds. Barefoot Records is a musician collective and record label consisting of 9 musicians from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland and Estonia. Since its beginnings in 2006, Barefoot Records has released a steady stream of critically acclaimed albums and has also stood out as an important concert organizer on the vibrant Copenhagen jazz and improvisation scene. Collective consists of important improvising musicians and composers who freely move in and out of free improvisation, jazz and contemporary music.

Wednesday-Saturday, 18/2-21/2, kl. 20:00 → Barefoot Records, Raahuset, Kbh. V
Only a stone’s throw from Råhuset lies the assembly house 5e, where the record company and artist collective ILK Music is hosting 18 concerts during the Vinterjazz 2015. ILK has been residing at 5e since 2011 and among the members of the collective are some of Danish experimental jazz’ most notable names which through the last 10 years have left their imprint on the modern jazz and are well known names in Danish music. ILK-musicians playing shows at 5E will include Kresten Osgood, Torben Snekkestad, Søren Kjærgaard, Lotte Anker, Mark Solborg, Jacob Anderskov, Jesper Løvdal and Simon Toldam.

6/2-8/2, 13/2-14/2, 20/2-21/2 → ILK, 5e, Kbh. V


You can stumble upon the avant-garde also in Koncertkirken. Blågårds Kirke in the heart of Nørrebro is Denmark’s first ‘Concert Church’, which can be transformed into a unique concert space. Koncertkirken is used by classical and modern musicians, theater groups and other performances. The past several years have Koncertkirken been part of the Vinterjazz and Copenhagen Jazz Festival, and there are concerts throughout the period with an idiom that breaks boundaries of jazz, contemporary music and so on. String sextet Who Killed Bambi feat. Pernille Rosendahl, Jonas H. Petersen, Nanome and Hannah Schneider will play a concert on the opening night. Other performances include artists, such as  Maria Laurette Friis, Jomi Massage, Johanna Bochert, Almut Kühne / Gebhard Ullmann (DE), Bjørn Svin / Christian Rønn and many more …

6/2-22/2, kl. 20:00 → Koncertkirken Kbh. N


Nørrebro Jazzklub is the north district’s own club. The newly established jazz club seeks to mirror the diversity and effervescence of Nørrebro in its program, as well as to explore new ways to present the music. Nørrebro Jazzklub presents jazz with emphasis on improvisation and avant-garde year round, and two exciting concert afternoons will take place there during Vinterjazz with respectively the Faroese-resident pianist Kim Kristensen and the Spanish / Basque singer Elena Setién, who has lived in Denmark since 2002 and is known from Little Red Suitcase.

Kim Kristensens ‘Alda Magna’ 7/2, kl. 15:00 → Nørrebro Jazzklub, Osramhuset, Kbh. N

Elena Setien feat. Johanna Borchert & Jakob Munck + Tomasz Dabrowski (ES/DE/DK/PL) 14/2, kl. 15:00 → Nørrebro Jazzklub, Osramhuset, Kbh. N


Jazz Club Loco is a club for jazz and other experimental music. The association was created by a conglomerate of performing musicians and venue-less organizers in Copenhagen in 2001, which have been arranging concerts at places like Stubnitz, Stengade, Loppen, Huset-KBH etc. The intention has always been to give support to the clubs and the enthusiasts who are struggling for their venues without having to compromise artistically. Loco presents alternative jazz stars from around the globe and provides room for younger and experimental players for a larger audience. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that Loco can welcome the legends of Brazilian Azymuth and the American composer/multi-instrumentalist Cooper-Moore, as well as a Danish evening at Stengade at this year’s Vinterjazz.

Cooper-Moore feat. Kresten Osgood & Elena Sétien (US/DK/ES) 19/2, kl. 21:00 → Jazz Club Loco, Loppen, Kbh. K

Azymuth (BR) 21/2, kl. 21:00 → Jazz Club Loco, Loppen, Kbh. K

Travelling Tribes + Klimaforandringer 21/2, kl. 21:00 → Jazz Club Loco, Spillestedet Stengade, Kbh. N


Sæt kryds i kalenderen, når den 15. udgave af Vinterjazz kommer til en by i nærheden af dig den 6.-22. februar 2015. Tilmeld dig Vinterjazz 2015 på Facebook.