Check out a selection of Nordic highlights at Vinterjazz 2019

Winter (Danish: vinter) might just be the quintessential Nordic state of being. Suitable, then, for Vinterjazz to present a range of local artists either bred or inspired by the contrasting moods and emotions ever prevalent in Scandinavia and its environs. We’ve selected a few highlights – from cinematic soundscapes to distinct voices and more.


Ólafur Arnalds (IS)
The composer and pianist behind the soundtrack to popular crime series Broadchurch, Ólafur Arnalds, kicks off his European tour with a visit to Vinterjazz 2019 and DR Koncerthuset’s stunning concert hall. With Arnald’s uniquely piano-centric setup, flanked by two self-playing pianos reacting to Arnald’s performance on his own grand piano, the concert is sure to be a rare one-of-a-kind journey through Nordic themes and moods.

13/2, 8:00 PM – DR Koncerthuset, Koncertsalen – Buy tickets / Read more


Arild Andersen New Quartet (NO/UK/IT/DK)
Norwegian double-bass veteran Arild Andersen is one of the most important progenitors of the world-renowned and unique sound of Nordic Jazz. Having worked with artists such as Jan Garbarek, Jon Christensen, Terje Rypdal and Danish pianist Carsten Dahl, Andersen is a force to be reckoned with. Arild Andersen presents his New Quartet at Vinterjazz 2019, joined by saxophonist Tommy Smith, drummer Paolo Vinaccia as well as Dahl.

14/2, 8:00 PM – Musikhuset Posten, Odense – Buy tickets / Read more
15/2, 8:00 PM – Flensborghus, Flensborg – No advance tickets / Read more


Bror Gunnar Jansson (SE)
Award-winning Swedish multitalent Bror Gunnar Jansson is a phenomenon all by his lonesome. Guitar, drums and singing – Jansson is capable of handling all three means of expression simultaneously as an engrossing one-man-band. Musically, Bror Gunnar Jansson sits somewhere between garage rock, blues, folk and jazz – a visceral blend which has secured him a spot in numerous festival line-ups and record collections across the globe.

16/2, 8:00 PM – Hagges Musik Pub, Tønder – No advance tickets / Read more


DR Big Band & Sinne Eeg
Danish public radio’s DR Big Band kicks off their tenure at Vinterjazz 2019 with an evening with Danish jazz vocalist Sinne Eeg. Internationally acclaimed Eeg has been a frequent collaborator with the ensemble, letting her beautiful voice float on top of DR Big Band’s dense sound. This evening will see a mix of new arrangements of old jazz standbys as well as brand-new tunes written for DR Big Band by Sinne Eeg herself.

1/2, 8:00 PM – DR Koncerthuset, Koncertsalen – Buy tickets / Read more


Palle Mikkelborg, Henrik Brendstrup & Blood Sweat Drum + Bass
A clash of titans hits Vinterjazz 2019. Following the death of unsung musical polymath Per Carsten in 2014, a small group of artists set out to honor his legacy by both releasing parts of his massive collection of unreleased material – more than 200 recordings – as well as letting a modern, active ensemble perform Carsten’s music. The choice fell on mega-ensemble Blood Sweat Drum + Bass, and at Vinterjazz 2019 they will perform a “home-cooked” medley of Per Carsten’s vast and vastly varied compositions. None other than renowned trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg of Miles Davis fame and acclaimed cellist Henrik Brendstrup will act as soloists this evening.

Per Carsten in retrospect: 19/2, 7:30 PM – Klejtrup Musikefterskole, Hobro – No advance tickets / Read more


Vinterjazz has been a nationwide musical festival in February since 2001. Vinterjazz’ purpose is to kickstart the jazz season for venues, jazz clubs, unions, audience and media and of course the musicians, who benefit from the period’s increased activity by getting the chance to take up tours. The festival is a joint venture between Copenhagen Jazz Festival and more than 120 venues and organizers all over Denmark. Vinterjazz 2019 takes place from Februar 1-24. Check out the continually updated line-up here