Onkel Dannys Plads 7, 1711 København V

Råhuset is a small, cozy venue with a big heart. It is located in the center of Copenhagen, just 5 minutes from Central Station. Råhuset is situated in the old veterinary control, which is part of The Meat Packing District; from which the name has its origin.

The Meat Packing District was constructed by the Copenhagen Municipality in 1879. Here the Copenhagen meat industry was gathered. The cattle were efficiently transformed in the slaughter house into steaks for the refrigerated counter, under municipal control.

Råhuset has served as a venue since 2006, and we organize more than 150 concerts per year. Through the years we have tried to renovate and equip ourselves to be a functioning venue for underground bands, and we have strived to maintain the “raw”, unpolished and makeshift look, as it is part of the charm of Råhuset.

Råhuset does not restrict itself to any specific genre. We are wide-ranging, and you are able to listen to ev"...

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  • raahuset.onkeldannysplads.dk/
  • annjom@kff.kk.dk
  • 27151175
  • Opening Hours: Dør åbner KL. 18.00 d. 11.07, 12.07 og 13.07. Lørdag d. 14.07 åbner KL. 19.00
  • Capacity: 149
  • Payment: Dankort,Visa,Visa Electron,Mastercard,American Express,Diners card,Discover
  • Transport: 5 minutter fra Københavns Hovedbanegård

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