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RKDIA is a new powerhouse duo of electronica, jazz and broken disco. One plays keys like a god and the other plays drums like an animal. This is music that needs to be experienced live. Armed with technical brilliance and a penchant for the epic the duo spin up forceful and hypnotic works that inject the free kinetic of jazz into synth-based electronica and cascading power pop. A sound of its own.

RKDIA was formed in 2020 and has since played more than a 100 shows in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, France, UK, Zanzibar, and Thailand. Morten Schantz (synth+vocals) and Anton Eger (drums) are well-known names on the jazz and fusion scenes around the world and have received world wide critical acclaim with artists such as JazzKamikaze, Phronesis, Marius Neset as well as their own solo projects.

Line up:
  • Morten Schantz (keyboard/sanger)
  • Anton Eger (trommer)

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