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Rock/Jazz-Fusion with family love, power and great energy. The project was created by father and son Henrik and Oliver Engqvist. Both busy in various projects. Finally they got time to do a project together named DUST-OFF.
All the band members are super busy playing in different projects, so its very unique when they get together and play the original music by Oliver and Henrik.
All the band members have toured and recorded with world class musicians around the world such as: Robben Ford, Ida Nielsen & The Funkbots, Jimmy Haslip, Jeff Richman, OZ NOY, Alex Acuna, Eliel Lazo, Frank Gambale, Russel Ferrante and also backing Danish artists, Erann DD, Peter AG, Jesper JOKEREN, Ester Brohus, Finn Ziegler and many more.

Line up:
  • Oliver Engqvist (guitar)
  • Henrik Engqvist (drums)
  • Andreas Hatholt (bas)
  • Johannes Aaen (keyboard)

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