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Anne Efternøler & Lige Børn

In the company of the American star bassist Thomas Morgan and the two Danish bass heroes Anders AC Christensen and Richard Andersson, in autumn 2022, Efternøler released the critically acclaimed record Anne Efternøler & Lige Børn, which examines and explores concepts such as pulse, time, friction and standstill.
For Anne Efternøler, a composer is driven by the impossible. "I love the idea that in art you can cancel any convention or natural law and just decide that this is okay. It is enormously liberating…”.

Anne Efternøler & Lige Børn experiment and flirt with utopias, but never compromise with the good melody and the clean, clear expression. A straightforward quartet that plays with all the weird.

"a trumpet player with an expression that goes straight to the heart. - one of the autumn's truly great releases."
Salty Peanuts, 2022

"These are not some beginner double bass players at all. Each of them is a true master...

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Line up:
  • Anne Efternøler: trompet
  • Thomas Morgan (US): kontrabas
  • Anders "AC" Christensen: kontrabas
  • Richard Andersson: kontrabas