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Reve Boheme

The inspiration from the guitar player Django Reinhardt is the key to Rêve Bohème's music and characteristic acoustic sound. Through the last 15 years, the band has updated the European String Swing with a new repertoire of their compositions, songs from the American jazz singer tradition, gypsy jazz standards, and interpretations of classic songs in "Django-style".

Rêve Bohème plays Gypsy Jazz in a modern, dynamic, and contemporary style, placing the band as an interesting Nordic contributor to this European jazz genre.

At live concerts, the result is an exotic acoustic cocktail, consisting of Jens Fuglsang's lyrical lead guitar and smooth vocal blending superbly with Finn Poulsen's elegant and virtuosic chromatic harmonica. Together they create a dynamic musical universe based on the gypsy jazz foundation of Robert Pilgaards rhythm guitar, "la pompe", and Jesper Riis' rocksteady basslines.

Line-up: Jens Fuglsang (lead guitar & vocal), ...

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Line up:
  • Jens Fuglsang (leadguitar & vokal)
  • Finn Poulsen (mundharmonika & vokal)
  • Robert Pilgaard (rytmeguitar)
  • Jesper Riis (kontrabas)

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