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Elektronisk/beat Eksperimental jazz Contemporary DKK 60 kr / 50 kr (alm/medlem)

No advance tickets

Guitar, bass, and laptop is the standard setting on the Swedish jazz scene nowadays. At least since electro-acoustic composer euroDYKE suddenly emerged. Loke Risberg is an internationally renowned guitarist, composer, and whammy bar lover with a track record stuffed with albums, awards and collaborations, with some of the heaviest names in the jazz world. The same can be said when describing Ilaria Capalbo, an internationally celebrated bassist capable of both ever-changing commanding bass lines and delicate improvisations. Despite a whole world of possible musical connections and collaborations just lying at their feet, they both refuse to play anything unless euroDYKE is involved. Her magical musical touch is like a hard, addictive, heavenly drug - once you’ve had a taste there is no turning back. Together they form Hästera.

Line up:
  • Loke Risberg: guitar
  • Ilaria Capalbo: kontrabas
  • euroDYKE: laptop

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