Jazz titans Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea to present a historic duo performance at Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015

Two of the biggest names of jazz will perform face to face during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015. Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea are individually responsible for a series great moments in jazz history – and their famous acoustic duo collaboration has its roots back at the end of the seventies. They have never performed together at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, but this summer it will happen, for the first time. Thursday, July 9 Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea will meet on stage in a historic duo encounter in the beautiful concert hall of the DR Koncerthuset. Ticket sales will start on Tuesday, 16 December at 10:00.

For over half a century, piano legends Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea have been blazing their own paths of artistic innovation at the keyboard. From the great Miles Davis bands of the 60’s, to the stadium-filling, genre-shattering Headhunters and Return to Forever of the 70’s, to the unparalleled, award-winning careers ever since. Hancock and Corea are among the most important influences on jazz—and beyond—of our time.

In a rare and historic duo performance, jazz royalty will reign on the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015 as they come together for a very special evening of music. In 1978, jazz titans Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea toured together, playing alone as an acoustic piano duo. (Which surprised the music world at the peak of the jazz-rock fusion era; both were alums of seminal Miles Davis bands.) Both of them released double albums drawn from those live tour performances: Hancock’s called “An Evening with Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea: In Concert”; Corea’s titled “CoreaHancock”. The two haven’t recorded together since, but they have reunited for acclaimed duo concert appearances.

Born a year apart, both Corea and Hancock came to the attention of the jazz world through Blue Note sessions in the early ’60s, worked extensively with Miles Davis, and were among the architects of jazz, rock, and funk fusion in the ’70s. Equally distinguished as pianists, bandleaders and composers, these titans of music have received multiples of every honour that can be bestowed on a jazz musician. From avant garde to bebop, from hard hitting fusion to forays into classical, these two NEA Jazz Masters have touched an astonishing number of musical bases while maintaining a standard of excellence that is unparalleled. Don’t miss this extremely rare and intimate duo appearance, that pays homage to their groundbreaking tour and classic live albums of the late ’70s.

Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea (US)
Thursday July 9, 20:00 → DR Koncerthuset // BUY TICKETS (Few tickets)


20-time Grammy winner, brilliant American composer and keyboard virtuoso, CHICK COREA has attained living legend status after five decades of unparalleled creativity and an artistic output that is simply staggering. From his 2012 Grammy win for Best Improvised Jazz Solo, through his enormously prolific career, Chick has touched an astonishing number of musical bases in his illustrious career – from straight ahead to avant-garde, bebop to fusion, children’s songs to chamber music, along with some far-reaching forays into symphonic works –while maintaining a standard of excellence that is awe-inspiring. A tirelessly creative spirit, Chick continues to forge ahead, continually reinventing himself in the process.

HERBIE HANCOCK is an iconic jazz musician, known as much for his mastery of the traditional as he is for entirely changing the game. Pianist and composer Herbie Hancock has been a part of every permutation and development of both acoustic and electronic jazz since his career began. He truly stepped into the spotlight in 1963, releasing his first hit “Watermelon Man” and then joining the Miles Davis Quintet. From these promising beginnings, Hancock went on to outdo all expectations, earning critical acclaim, the respect of his peers and commercial success. He has generated more than 50 albums, won 12 Grammys, received an Academy Award and even scored five MTV Awards in the 1980s. Hancock is known for his extraordinary career as well as for his penchant for experimentation. A double major in music and electrical engineering at college, his fascination with musical gadgets led him to become one of the first jazz pianists to work with electronic keyboards. As well as using unexpected instruments, Hancock’s landmark albums blurred the boundaries of music, effortlessly mixing jazz with the once unlikely partners of funk, soul, rhythm and blues, and more. Hancock’s experimentation has changed the face of jazz forever, and even as he approaches his 70th year he continues to perform, create, push the envelope and amaze. “Herbie was the step after Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk, and I haven’t heard anybody yet who has come after him.” — Miles Davis