The art poster for Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015 is designed by Julie Nord

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015 art poster is designed by Julie Nord and will be available at the release party of the complete program on the 1st of June at Koncertkirken.

This year’s poster artist Julie Nord (b. 1970) is known for her surrealistic drawings that include motives from children’s books and fairy tales where she transforms the familiar into something disturbing. The motif is drawn and the background is painted in watercolor.

”I wanted the poster to be funny, jazzy and intuitive, and underneath a little dark and unsettling, at the same time. The motive is a Cheshire Cat, a mischievous cat known from Alice in Wonderland. The cat has became almost synonymous with dissolution of reality, and that, I thought, fitted jazz as a form of expression very well. The poster is also playing with Copenhagen skyline in a little clumsy and childish way, where a few instruments have sneaked in among towers and mermaid. The childish aspect is also reflected in the background fields which contain features of automatic drawing that surrealists and COBRA-painters used to work with to obtain freer access to the subconscious and greater spontaneity…” explains Nord

Julie Nord works mainly with art on paper that she during exhibitions often installs in big scenographic contexts. She has exhibited, and is represented, in collections at some of the biggest museums in Denmark, and she has participated in a series of exhibitions in Europe and the United States. She lives and works in Copenhagen and has graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2001.


The printed program will be released the 1st of June and celebrated with a release party at Koncertkirken

There will be a big release party for the printed program and this year’s artists poster, on Monday, the 1st of June at 19:00. It all happens at Koncertkirken with live jazz, dj’s, Tuborg Classic and a chance to get a copy of the program fresh from the print. There is free entrance and everyone is welcome.

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival is one of Europe’s biggest jazz festivals with more than 100 venues in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. This year’s final program offers more than 1200 concerts and will be announced the 1st of June. The biggest headliners, such as Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea, Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil, Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Dr. John and Dianne Reeves, have already been announced, and this year’s concert themes and program for Open Air will be presented at the release party.

Based on the tradition, the motif from the poster is also represented on this year’s festival merchandise. Artist poster, this year’s festival t-shirts and the unique Jazz for Kids t-shirt are available now at In addition, it will be possible to get the artist poster during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival on 3-12th July.