Take a walk on the Smelly Side of Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016

‘Take a walk on the Smelly Side of Copenhagen Jazz Festival’ is a collaboration between alternative jazz organisers – consisting of independent record labels, venues and musicians’ collectives. All the concerts are part of the official program for Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016 between July 1-10.

The program guide presents concerts with the cream of the Danish improvisational and experimental jazz community as well as many international guests, suggesting an alternative to the mainstream jazz scene.


5e / ILK Music

ILK presents a concert extravaganza at Copenhagen Jazz Festival once again, featuring renowned international jazz avant-garde acts. The 10 days of ILK at 5e are curated by the 22 musicians from the ILK collective who have been running this exciting festival stage for 6 years, and are acknowledged as innovators on an international scale. The venue 5e is an old slaughterhouse with a raw, yet cosy atmosphere, located in the old Meat District. ILK will occupy the entire street of Slagtehusgade where 5e is located, combining music, delicious street food and cold drinks served by 5e and the next door organic restaurant Spisehuset.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016 at 5e will bring you a great amount of stellar avant-garde jazz and free-improv perfomances. You can look forward to acts such as The Living Room, Peter Bruun trio feat. Samuel Blaser, Ericson & Berthling Unlimited, Lars Andreas Haug, Butch Lacy, Løvdal/Danielsson, Henrik Wlasdorf, Chris Heenan, ZAKS (Zeuthen/Anderskov/Kielsgaard/Skovbakke) recently debuting with an album on ILK, Peter Danstrup’s new project, “Sacrified”, out in June, and many, many more.

1/7 Okabe/Eliasson/Davidsen (JP/DK) // Kjærgaard/Anker/Friis/Bøje + Snekkestad/Bruun (NO/ DK) 2/7 Rosor och Tulpan + Peter Bruun trio feat. Samuel Blaser og Jonas Westergaard (DK/FI) // Silence Trio (DK/NO) // Kjærgaard/Lovens/Westergaard (DK/D) + Mark Solborg Special 3/7 Q + Mockunas/Pesonen/Filipsen/Pasborg (LT/FI/DK) // Living Room (DK/NO) // Don Fender meets Von Rickenbacker + Simon Toldam Trio 4/7 Jesper Løvdal/Palle Danielsson + Bigoni/Sundland/Berre // Torben Snekkestad // Anderskov/Tranberg/Arends/Helm + Lotte Anker & Friends 5/7 Jakob Davidsen Solo + Simon Toldam Special // Ericson & Berthling Unlimited // Mikko Innanen / Stefan Pasborg / Søren Kjærgaard + Klökkeblömst 6/7 Korpset + Greve/Nielsen/Filipsen // Solborg/Banke/Heebøll+Lars Andreas Haug (DK/NO) // Den Sidste Turist (US/ITA/DK) + Anderskov – Kinetics 7/7 Dirty Mountain feat. Marc Ducret (L/NO/DK/FI) // The Firebirds // TBA + Mark Solborg – Black Pipes and Prayers (DK/ITA/US) 8/7 Banke/ Maniscalco + Butch Lacy/Løvdal // Laura Toxværd Release – 18 Compositions // Simon Toldam Orkester STORK // Peter Danstrup: Sacrified + Orbit Stern feat. Q 9/7 IL SOGNO (PL/IT/DK)
+ Henrik Walsdorf and ILKs // Jitter feat. TBA + Ferm-Filipsen-Gray // Nakskovklubben + Anderskov Continuum 10/7 Pasborg Solo + Solborg/Banke duo // ZAKS (Zeuthen-Anderskov- Kielsgaard-Skovbakke) // Løvdal-Bøje-Friis Re:Kyhl trio

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Christianshavn Beboerhus / Barefoot Records

If you are looking for smooth bossa nova, lovely swing tunes or velvety vocals, look somewhere else. Barefoot Records will inject your summer nights with a nutritious formula of experimental and adventurous music. Since its inception in 2006 the musicians collective Barefoot Records has been making its mark as one of the most important concert organisers in Copenhagen, presenting great music from the alternative side of the city’s vibrant jazz scene.

During Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016, Barefoot Records presents 18 concerts at the cozy Christianshavns Beboerhus, a vibrant cultural meeting point in the heart of Christianshavn. The programme presents some of the strongest and most exciting musicians the contemporary Danish jazz scene has to offer, in addition to a strong line-up of guests from over 14 different countries. This year’s programme includes international virtuosos such as Chris Heenan (US), Alexander von Schlippenbach (DE), Pat Thomas (UK), Susana Santos Silva (PT) and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (JP).

“One of the most interesting new labels in Danish jazz” is how the American magazine All About Jazz describes Barefoot Records. The collective consists of 6 musicians from Denmark, Norway and Poland. As well as organising concerts, Barefoot Records also functions as a record label with a catalogue of 50 albums to date.

Christianshavns Beboerhus has been one of the hot-spots in Copenhagen for exciting and improvised jazz for many years. The atmospheric community house has been the stage of many of the world’s leading improvisers while keeping a down-to-earth vibe, selling inexpensive beer, wine, drinks, coffee and cakes.

1/7 Tomasz Dabrowski/Samuel Blaser // Tomasz Dabrowski ”Tom Trio” 2/7 Tomasz Dabrowski S-O-L-O // Jeppe Zeeberg Amputated Double Trio Extravaganza 3/7 Pedersen/Berghäll/ Toivanen // Zeeberg & Berre’s Modern Bicycles 4/7 The Mighty Mouse // Kasper Tom 5 5/7 Lubb // Morten Pedersen 5tet 6/7 Kasper Tom/Rudi Mahall // Filipsen / Müntzing / Berre 7/7 Pelican // Santos Silva/Wodrascka/Meaas Svendsen/Berre 8/7 Tranberg/Melbye/Yoshigaki // Horse Orchestra 9/7 Bigoni/Sundland/Berre // Schlippenbach/Walsdorff/Melbye/Tom

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Gallery Boheme / Boheme Jazz Festival

Gallery Bohème is a relaxed and open-minded art gallery in the middle of old Copenhagen. The Gallery exhibits existential, spiritual, political and psychedelic art and showcases art from both upcoming and established artists. The gallery has existed since 2013 and is regularly presenting concerts, screening movies and hosting poetry nights besides their exhibitions.

Bohème Jazz Festival at Gallery Bohème is a new festival during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, curated by a group of four established musicians. The concerts consist of smaller groups – duos, trios and quartets – playing composed and improvised music and will present the listener with a wide range of music that dares to experiment and explore. Diversity in the line-up is important, which is why there will be ensembles that have been on the scene for years as well as completely new constellations. The performing musicians are all known for their personal sound and are among the most interesting improvisers we have on the Scandinavian scene.

As a listener, you will get a unique opportunity to get close to the music and the musicians and hear every detail and nuance as it should be heard. You can of course also enjoy the exhibition in the gallery while listening to the music. You won’t be able to hear most of the constellations anywhere else at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and since all the concerts are between 14.00 and 16.30, it will be a perfect way to start your day at the festival.

1/7 Isak Hedtjärn // Anders Vestergaard 2/7 Johanna Elina // Fuckin Fockers (Ericson/ Olsson/Berre) 3/7 Hängsel/Olsson/Lohse // Mockunas/Innanen/Pesonen/Berre 4/7 Berghäll/Toivanen/Pedersen // The Storm (Heebøll/Berre/Lohse) 5/7 The Mighty Mouse // Dúo Completa Destrucción (Jørgens/Pilgaard) 6/7 Thommy Andersson / Kirk Knuffke : dUoZ // Ericson/Nästesjö/Berre feat. Julián Sánches 7/7 Peter Friis Nielsen Kalas // Hedtjärn/ Kimestad/Olsson/Mofjell 8/7 Barry (Johs Lund/Henrik Pultz Melbye) // Hanne (Melbye/Lund/ Eiler) 9/7 Mads Emil Nielsen Solo // Henrik Pultz Melbye/Devin Gray/Adam Pultz Melbye 10/7 Devin Gray takes over the World feat. Jacob Anderskov // Morten Pedersen 5tet

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Koncertkirken and The Community Presents

Blågårds Kirke is situated in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, and is the first ConcertChurch in Denmark, able to be transformed into a unique venue for concerts and performances. The ConcertChurch is used by classical and rhythmic musicians, theater troupes and a range of other artists alike.

1/7 Anna Kruse & Edith Band (SE/DK) // Bévort-Kjølby-Ankarfeld trio // Roberto Bordiga Quintetto (IT/DK) 2/7 The Community presents: The Way Out (DK) + Lagodzinski/Illerhag/ Maksimovs (PL/SE/LV) // Mark Solborg / Simon Toldam (DK) // Jacob Anderskovs AntiOxidanterne 3/7 The Community presents: Mia Dyberg Improviser Summit (DE/DK)
// Anker-Neumann-Vorfeld (DE/DK) // Tranberg-Anderskov-Helm-Arends (DK/DE) 4/7 The Community presents: Blastoise! (NO/IT/DK) // Artur Tuznik Trio (PL/DK) // Otis+Wedding (DE/SE) 5/7 The Community presents: Kasper Tom 5 (DE/PL/SE/DK) + Open Session // Into Interlude (PL) // Lars Fiil Frit Fald 6/7 The Community presents: Kamilla Kovacs (HU/DK) // Østergaard Art Quartet (DK/FR/NO) // Lars Greve/Søren Nørbo 7/7 The Community presents: FUSK feat. Dyberg (DE/DK) + Mahall/Dyberg/Tom // Thommy Andersson / Kirk Knuffke / Martin Andersen (SE/US/DK) // Josefine Cronholm / Thommy Andersson / Kirk Knuffke (SE/ US) 8/7 The Community presents: Kovacs & Dyberg (HU/DK) + Old and New Dreams // Maciej Kadziela’s URBAN FOLK feat. Grzech Piotrowski (PL) // Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (DK/
IT) 9/7 The Community presents: KØS + Devin Gray (US) & Friends // IL SOGNO (PL/IT/DK) // Søren Gemmer’s ‘The Lark’ (La Cour/Toivanen/Fryland) 10/7 The Community presents: Cheap Animals feat. Devin Gray (US/LV/DK) + Open Session // BUSK // Greve-Toldam-Westergaard- Bruun

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Loppen / Jazz Club Loco

In recent years, Jazz Club Loco has been an important player in the development of the new Danish avant-garde, also propelled by the label ILK. Loco has become famous for its adventurous concerts held at different venues and its series of superb records. Thus, Loco is both arranging concerts and releasing records that avoid the well-trodden road of the mainstream. Rock musicians meet up with jazzers, concept artists, composers and electronic wizards to make music filled with energy and passion. It is a spirit of looseness, seriousness and anarchistic madness that makes Loco compelling. Loco jazz could very well be ‘the new punk’.

Even though Loppen is a relatively small venue with a capacity of only 400, bands like Animal Collective, Smashing Pumpkins, The National and many others have played here, along with a long list of more or less unknown bands from all over Europe, the UK and the USA. Loppen does not have a narrow profile, opting to host concerts with a wide selection of expressions, often with a distinctively ’alternative’ twist: surf, neo folk, jazz, death metal, punk, hip hop, dubstep – the list goes on. The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed, and you get really close to the music, very literally, because the stage is not much more than 25 centimetres above floor level. Loppen’s motto is “Going out of business since 1973”, and interior-wise not much has changed since then. Except for lights on stage and in the bar, the rest of the venue is lit by candles in empty vodka and beer bottles on little round wooden tables.

7/7 Cykeltouren: Lars Bech Pilgaard film/performance // Boneshaker (US/NO) //  Boujeloud 8/7 Adi & Nico (Adi Zukanovic/Nicolai Elsberg) // Shatner’s Bassoon (UK) // SVIN 9/7 Dirty Nun Tekno Crew // Slowolf & Special Guests

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LiteraturHaus is home to Denmark’s first live venue for literature. Here, audiences may experience readings by national and international writers, established and budding writers, novelists and poets, hear and participate in discussions about literature led by critics, scholars and writers. LiteraturHaus, furthermore, offers events centred on music, film and other art forms or on their cross-pollination with literature.

1/7 Mimi Terris & Great Danes Bigband // Esben Højlund Trio 2/7 M’Ndavi & The Unbelievable Story of Opi 3/7 Mette Juul & Heine Hansen duo 4/7 Zeuthen Sådan Cirka // VELA feat. Anders Vestergaard 5/7 Cathrine Legardh – Tribute til Monica Z // Peter Whitta 6/7 Cathrine Legardh ’I mit hjertes cafe’ – Tonesatte digte af Ditlevsen // Laurits Hyllested OFF GRID feat. Søren Kjærgaard og Rasmus Krogh Trio // Kellerdahl/Berg/Toldam 7/7 Clara Bryld // Simon Toldam // Alternajam 8/7 Thorkil/Simon // Cathrine Legardh – Tribute til Monica Z 9/7 Suzanne Brøgger & Jesper Løvdal // NAKSKOVKLUBBEN

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Lygten Station / Copenhagen Trashzzfestival

Mom Eat Dad Records and Lygten Station proudly present Copenhagen Trashzzfestival as an official part of Copenhagen Jazzfestival. This year we celebrate the 6th year of the festival, featuring 6 acts during two nights on the intimate stage at Lygten Station. We will bring a splendid mix of acclaimed artists together with the raw and unpolished underground of danish minimal-genres. Both nights will nurture your senses with brilliant new and groundbreaking music! Furthermore we are the cheapest event in town offering a dayticket for only 50,-kr. The festival is supported by Bispebjerg Lokaludvalg

Mandag 4/7 kl. 21.00: Thomas Eiler solo // kl. 22.00: Marie Eline Hansen // kl. 23.00: Uraño
Tirsdag 5/7 kl. 21.00: Anja Jakobsen solo // kl.  22.00: Yngel // kl. 23.00: Klimaforandringer

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Niels Hemmingsens Gade / Jazzhouse Open Air

Copenhagen Jazz Festival’s new open air stage in front of Jazzhouse at Niels Hemmingsens Gade celebrates contemporary music and hard-hitting Danish acts. Six days of free concerts in the early evening hours with a distinct focus on progressive and groundbreaking jazz defectors as well as a range of Danish artists all challenging conventions, structures and genres in a wide variety of ways.

Monday 4/7 kl. 19:00 Bad Astma // Tuesday 5/7 kl. 19:00 Yes Deer // Wednesday 6/7 kl. 19:00 Horse Orchestra // Thursday 7/7 kl. 19:00 Weasel Walter, Tim Dahl & Maria Faust (US/EE) // Friday 8/7 kl. 19:00 AddisAbabaBand // Saturday 9/7 kl. 15:00 Kasper Staub Trio // kl. 17:00 Bangin Bülow’s Nice Jazz Quartet // kl. 19:00 Tigers Mind

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Skuespilhusets Foyer also known as 21st Century Jazz

The lobby at The Royal Danish Playhouse is home to a series of concerts during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016. Known collectively as 21st Century Jazz, the theme’s accompanying artists are all immensely talented musicians and composers, approaching their craft with a historical sense of upheaval. Composition, avant-garde and premeditated experimentation are all keywords here, often joining forces with untamed improvisation to offer a rare glimpse at a multitude of musical futures.

3/7 kl. 14:00 Lars Bech Pilgaards Slowburn // kl. 17:00 Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (IT/DK) Mandag 4/7 kl. 14:00 Goodiepal & Pals // kl. 17:00 Jeppe Zeeberg’s Dadaism and Jazz Celebration Tirsdag 5/7 kl. 14:00 Doom Orchestra kl. 17:00 Nuaia (SE/DK) Onsdag 6/7 kl. 14:00 Flamingo LOUD (DE/DK) // 17:00 Ståle Storløkken / Stefan Pasborg (NO/DK) // kl. 21:00 Jasper Høiby’s Fellow Creatures (UK/DK) Torsdag 7/7 kl. 14:00 Henrik Pultz Melbye Trio // kl. 17:00 J. Lund, A. Hartvig, M. Bertel, A. Führer & TR Kirstein plays Circles & 28 Fredag 8/7 kl. 17:00 Bisse Lørdag 9/7 kl. 16:00 Orquesta Libre (JP)

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