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Wolfskin Ensemble

Eksperimental jazz DKK Pay what you like min. 80,-

Since autumn 2023, Wolfskin is an ensemble dedicated to play music within the realms of experimental, improvised and avant-garde music. Consisting of a seven- piece constellation of international musicians, this Copenhagen based collective works on dynamic and challenging musical sound narratives either composed by its members or other composers.

They premiered "Maquetas" at Copenhagen's VinterJazz 2024 (a collection of self- authorship short pieces), and performed "Composition No. 193 / First Species Ghost Trance Music" by Anthony Braxton as well as "Changing the System" by Christian Wolff at Absolute FIMARA 2023.

Currently they are preparing a fresh new program to be played at Literaturhaus, Nørrebro during this CPH jazz festival.
"It moved over everything from soft melancholic strings to Balkan melody to serenades for bagpipes, bird whistles, melodica, kazoo and slinky. In the latter, there was an unscheduled coda from the pipe animal, which for...

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Line up:
  • Mika Persdotter, viola
  • Asger Thomsen, bass
  • Tomás Gubbins, guitar
  • Michaela Turcerová, sax
  • Irene Bianco, percussion
  • Sarah Buchner, voice/flute
  • Lone Aagot Meinich, campanula quinton

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