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Regnfang invites you to a concert in Literaturhaus as part of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Regnfang's music is about feelings, moods and impressions. Critics have described their music as daydreamy, minimalist and melancholic, and they have been compared to artists such as Bremer/McCoy and Svaneborg Kardyb. Their music takes you through busy cities, empty streets and vast forests.

The group released the album 'Alting har en tid' last year, which is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album 'Fuglene Flyver'. Regnfang's tracks are written by trumpeter and composer Niels de Fine Olivarius. Besides Niels, Regnfang consists of William Steffensen on guitar, Emil Madsen on bass and Nikolaj Bangsgaard on drums.

Line up:
  • Niels de Fine Olivarius - trompet og komponist
  • William Steffensen - guitar
  • Emil Madsen - kontrabas
  • Nikolaj Bangsgaard - trommer

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