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Høxbroe / Kaspersen

LiteraturHaus presents an evening of jazz and poetry, when jazz pianist Jan Kaspersen meets beat poet Claus Høxbroe.

Høxbroe and Kaspersen teamed up in 2016 where they released their joint live album 'Fiol Sessions – Master series' which received great reviews. Since then, they have continuously appeared on stages together across the country.

».. it's exciting when word machine Claus Høxbroe and jazz phenomenon Jan Kaspersen meet..« - Politiken

In a live setting, the two experienced gentlemen throw themselves into free improvisation, music as well as poems. Spiced up with references to Høxbroe's writing.

».. no doubt that Høxbroe and Kaspersen have an eye for each other.« - Politiken

Since his debut in 2006, Claus Høxbroe has released over 40 publications and been on stage around 4,000 times in nine countries. Høxbroe is also the holder of the Audience Award for Poetry Day and the Dan Turèll Award,...

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Line up:
  • Claus Høxbroe (poet)
  • Jan Kaspersen (instrumentals)

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