Copenhagen venues Jazzhouse and Global set to merge – meet new venue Alice

February 2018 will see the emergence of a new venue in Copenhagen. Named Alice, the venue is a joint venture between two regional venues in Copenhagen – Jazzhouse and Global.

Here’s what they have to say about the new cooperation:

Alice is your new powerhouse for adventurous music and is powered by the people and forces behind Global & Jazzhouse. Alice will carry on the artistic ambitions– presenting a bold, top tier program of global roots, jazz/improv, electronic music, sonic experiments and much more.

Global & Jazzhouse have been collaborating for years with a shared passion for presenting a well-curated program of exciting music; opening their doors to everyone looking for genre-bending and boundless musical experiences.

In 2017 the two venues got even closer, as they merged into one administrational unit. The next natural step has been to move together as one venue, which will happen in the beginning of 2018. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Alice will curate more than 300 concerts annually – most of them taking place at the former Global situated in the backyard of VerdensKulturCentret on Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Alice will also present a whole range of shows at different locations around Copenhagen as well as partake in a wide variety of projects.

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Alice – the 12 initial announcements:

02/02: Fire! Orchestra (SE) / Vinterjazz 2018 03/02: Ale Möller Trio (SE) / Vinterjazz 2018 09/02: Tyshawn Sorey Trio (US) @ Brorsons Kirke / Vinterjazz 2018 10/02: Circuit des Yeux (US) / Vinterjazz 2018 15/02: Black Flower (BE) / Vinterjazz 2018 24/02: Here Lies Man (US) / Vinterjazz 2018 01/03: Full Blast [Broetzmann-Pliakas-Wertmueller] (DE/CH) 02/03: Basco (SE/DK) 17/03: Che Sudaka (ES) 23/03: Danyel Waro (RE) 11/04: Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society (US) 05/05: I’m With Her (US)