ELBJAZZ joins Vinterjazz in Copenhagen with Michael Wollny/Eric Schäfer Duo and ASK VM

For the first time the Hamburg ELBJAZZ festival is part of the Vinterjazz in Copenhagen – and presents on 10th February Michael Wollny in duo with the drummer and composer Eric Schäfer and sitar master Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek (ASK VM) from Germany. The concert will take place at Jazzhouse.

Tine Heine, executive director of the ELBJAZZ GmbH, explains: “A close exchange as well as mutual visits including respective guest appearances of different artists from Germany or rather Denmark take place between ELBJAZZ and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival for three years now. Due to the fact that the Vinterjazz is part of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival it was just a matter of time until we expanded our cooperation on this great festival. The international exchange and artist promotion are highly important for all three festivals – this year we are very excited that we are, for the first time, part of the Vinterjazz.”

ELBJAZZ Festival presents:
Michael Wollny & Eric Schäfer Duo + Ashraf Sharif Khan & Victor Marek (ASK VM)
Tuesday, 10th February, 8 pm → Jazzhouse, Copenhagen// BUY TICKET


Michael Wollny & Eric Schäfer Duo

Michael Wollny, born in 1978 in Schweinfurt is an internationally successful jazz pianist, music inventor and unconventional thinker. He is considered to be an emerging talent of the German and international jazz scene. Nobody plays piano like him – his trademark: the unpredictable, the quest for the never-before-heard, and the courage to devote the moment and to make the unforeseen sound self-evident. At the Jazzhouse Wollny is going to perform together with the drummer and composer Eric Schäfer, who studied percussion and new music in Cologne and, same as Wollny, publishes his music at the jazz label ACT.

Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek (ASK VM)

Ashraf Sharif Khan is the son of a Pakistani sitar master – and became one himself. He plays classical Indian music – and is also fascinated by club music. His aim is to get a feeling for it.

Viktor Marek lives a restless life between the well-known Hamburg off-club “Golden Pudel” and different bands like “Jacques Palminger and the Kings of Dubrock” and “Knarf Rellöm’s Trinity”. In his electric control center he creates fascinating samples. His intention is to make music out of something that actually is no music. Sounds of the everyday life are stretched and made rhythmic, until they can be “played”.

Now, Khan and Marek are performing as duo: Their music goes far beyond already excisting sounds; it is a lot more than world music and cultural fusion.

The ELBJAZZ Festival

About 50 concerts, extraordinary locations from a ship’s hold to a ship yard, huge cranes, large docks and the unique atmosphere of the Hamburg harbor – that’s ELBJAZZ!.

On 20th and 30th May 2015 the festival takes place for the sixth time, turns the harbor  of Hamburg into an enormous stage for jazz music and presents a succesful mixture of international and national artists. Big names, exciting newcomers and last but not least the exceptional flair of the harbor already inspired thousands of visitors in the last five years – insiders and curious ones. Therewith the festival developed into a cultural and musical highlight in Hamburg. See more at the ELBJAZZ festival’s website.