Kulturstationen Vanløse

Lindehøjen, 2720 Vanløse
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Kulturstationen Vanløse is a cultural hub located in the heart of the Copenhagen suburb Vanløse, right next to Vanløse Metro and S-train Station. Kulturstationen Vanløse is a combination of citizen service, library and Cultural House. On a yearly basis, Kulturstationen Vanløse houses more than 300 cultural events like concerts, theatre, dances, workshops, exhibitions, lectures on literature, self-development etc.

About 80-100 of the 300 annual events are concerts. You can find a sizable programme with a wide selection of Danish artists, both up-coming names and well-known, established acts. The genres are wide - pop, singer-songwriters, rock, jazz, world and folk. We’ve had artist such as Søren Huss, Peter AG, Mikael Simpson, Oh Land, Julie Maria, Hymns From Nineveh, Mames Babegenush, Simon Lynge and Eivør. Genre is not important, but having a real expression and actuality is.

We always attempt to present a high quality line-up on "...

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