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Gunde on Garner

Classic jazz DKK 175

Errol Garner was one of the great American jazz pianists and interpreters of melodies by the grace of God. He also forms the starting point for the trio Gunde on Garner, which draws inspiration from the master's own way of interpreting the music.

The trio Gunde On Garner has existed since 1995, and their dedicated goal is to play in Garner's spirit, but based on their own arrangements of both Danish and foreign songs.

By following up on what Garner did and starting from the good melody, regardless of whether it comes from the world of jazz, rock or pop, Gunde On Garner approaches an expression that the master himself could have had if he had lived Today. And yet, with Henrik Gunde, one of the country's busiest jazz musicians at the helm, they also largely have their own take on things, brought forward by the swinging and energetic playing of Nicolas Kock and Karsten Bagge.

The concert both pays tribute to Garner's special characteristic swin...

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Line up:
  • Gunde on Garner: Henrik Gunde, Nicolas Kock, Karsten Bagges

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