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Barkhausen presents SORTLEGEME “They Are Many” album launch + Mikael Tobias (live, duo with J. Ludvig III)

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Over the years, SORTLEGEME's works have entailed everything from dark techno- and acid-rhythms, to samples of traditional folk-music/instruments, over gentle ethereal ambient-pieces, as well as insisting towers of noise.

Regardless of the direction they move in, SORTLEGEME's soundscapes are always alluring and interesting.

The new album, “They Are Many” is a profound and dynamic work of polyrhythmic synth textures, tension and release.

Mikael Tobias is a Canadian musician, composer, producer and sound artist based in Copenhagen, DK. His work explores the liminal space between physical and emotional resonance, using live instrumentation along with meticulously treated electronics to create visceral and evocative soundscapes.

On his most recent release, “As Breath” (Nov. 2023), Tobias collaborated intimately with members of the acclaimed Danish post-classical ensemble, Crush String Collective, who are...

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