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Cort Lunde (livesession)

Free admission

Join the duo Cort Lunde on a genre-expanding expedition to the border area, where nature, humanity and technology merge.

Cort Lunde draws inspiration from, among other things, theorist Donna Haraway (known for introducing the cyborg concept) and Musique Concrete. They bring the sounds of reality into art through manipulated field recordings and hydrophonic recordings (sounds recorded in liquids). The combination of research and acousmatic music, where you can't see the sound source, are connected by the two musicians with intuitive improvisation thereby creating a space for both interpretations, new perspectives and stories.

For this live session during Winterjazz 2024, they compose works that fit the natural reverberation of the water tower. The water tower isn't heated - remember warm clothes. The concert will be recorded.

Line up:
  • Producer, bassist og komponist Thomas Cortes og trompetist, improvisator og komponist Erik Lunde.