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Noisy Beehive presents: Første Kvartal

Experience Første Kvartal's electro-acoustic magic in the unique Brønshøj Vandtårn, organized by Noisy Beehive. In the 7th of February, join us for an unforgettable night of sombre drama and ambient vibes in this concrete marvel with a 40-second reverberation. Warm up with hot beverages, cozy blankets, and immerse yourself in an extraordinary sonic journey. Dress warmly and embrace the cold in this one-of-a-kind setting.

Første Kvartal consists of Andreas Høegh, Adam Koch, Mads Krue Bugge og Martin Messell. The Copenhagen-based quartet have been playing together for the last 5 years in different musical projects, but are only now releasing their debut album as Første Kvartal. The four members come from different musical backgrounds, but together they have built a shared sonic and harmonic language, developed through many hours of cooperative improvisation and exploration.

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