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Kornmod i Brønshøj Vandtårn: Bysund og Kristian Vidar

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Danish publisher Kornmod occupies Brønshøj Water Tower with two concerts of experimental music. This evening you can experience two acts who manage to use the tower's unique acoustics in different ways.

Active in zine and noise environments in Aarhus, and this year graduates from DIEM, The Royal Academy of Music department for electronic music in Aarhus.

Christian Vidar
Conservatory trained accordionist. Vidar performs a work by Jacob Ridderberg, who has previously written works for the water tower.

Bysund's concerts are often minimalist, and in line with Vidar's accordion, the evening is carried forward by two singular but complex pillars of sound.

Supported by Københavns Musikudvalg.

Line up:
  • Bysund
  • Kristian Vidar

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