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Maria Mazzotta (IT) - Sonorities from Southern Italy

Her intense and deep interpretation is a rare and precious experience for the audience and it is what makes Maria Mazzotta one of the most appreciated voices in the European word music scene.

Voksne - 130,00 kr.
Studerende / Unge under 26 - 100,00 kr.

Naturally ranging from south Italian textures to Balcanic grooves, the repertoire that Maria Mazzotta proposes comes from meticulous research and extreme respect for the cultures that compose it, with a special focus on the vocal characteristics of the different traditions.

In 2023 the new live project that sees her on stage with Ernesto Nobili on guitars and Cristiano Della Monica on percussions, two eclectic musicians that with Maria Mazzotta are producing and recording the upcoming album that will be released by the end of the year. Electric post rock textures meet Mazzotta’s visceral interpretation and create an original and profound combination. The research on this new sound has ...

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