Dance evenings and world music icons at Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015 – New concert theme in former Printing Press

Global, Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Politiken present Urban World Nights.

Three dance-oriented festival evenings in Pressen, Politiken Hus with three handpicked bands from three different continents send the audience on a journey around the world. Based on the music traditions in Nigeria, Thailand and Colombia, Urban World Nights will present uplifting global music of the 21st century – the columbian diva Totó la Mompesina, also known as “The Queen of Cumbia”, afrobeat icon Orlando Julius with the English group The Heliocentrics, and The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band from Thailand. Each of these artists have been strong exponents of genres such as cumbia, molam, afrobeat and beyond throughout venues worldwide respectively. 

This year’s new festival theme Urban World Nights is curated by Global, a venue on Nørrebro – and presented by Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Global in collaboration with the festival’s media partner Politiken.

July 9, 22.00: Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics (NGA/UK) // Buy ticket
July 10, 22.00: Totó la Momposina (COL) // Buy ticket
July 11, 22.00: The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band (THA/UK) // Buy ticket

The charismatic singer Totó la Mompesina is one of the leading stars within the scene of afro-columbian music, dedicating her life to continuing the fusion of african, indian and spanish music culture. In Columbia she is considered a living legend and a key figure in presenting as well as expanding Columbian music tradition.

Listen to Totó la Mompesina – here.

Nigerian Orlando Julis has helped create what Fela Kuti later named ‘afrobeat’ – thus he is considered to be somewhat of a cult phenomenon within this particular genre. Together with London based The Heliocentrics he released a joint album“Jaiyede Afro”, and their tour made way for a wider breakthrough for this Nigerian saxophonist.

Listen to Orlando Julius – here.

The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band combine traditional thai music with western rock in a way that is both gripping, psychedelic and dynamic at the same time. The group gets most of its inspiration from the genre molam – an ancient genre concentrated around the lute like stringed instrument “Phin” and the bamboo flute “Khaen” which in sound bears the resemblance of an accordion. An extraordinary group with an extraordinary sound, who will guest the festival in July.

Listen to The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band – here.