The art poster for Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018 is created by Christiane Spangsberg

The 40th edition of Copenhagen Jazz Festival takes place at 120 venues from July 6-15 and is celebrated with an extraordinary programme, anniversary concerts and commissioned new compositions. The anniversary is completed with a new book containing 40 years of art posters as well as this year’s poster, created by visual artist Christiane Spangsberg. (Photo: Jonas Jacob Svensson)

Christiane Spangsberg (b. 1989) grew up in Vejle, but is currently living in Copenhagen. She is a young visual artist, enjoying widespread interest in her art despite having no formal artistic education or gallery, with solo exhibitions in Sydney, London and New York. Spangsberg’s line drawings and characteristic use of the colour blue, often with a clear nod to artists such as Picasso, Matisse and Derain, underline her artistic values – immediacy, improvisation and intuition. Staying in line with this immediacy, Spangsberg most often finds her audience through digital and social media, exposing hundreds of thousands of followers to her own work via Instagram.

Originality and imperfection are among Christiane Spangsberg’s artistic goals – the imperfect is a key component for her: “I believe art to be a way of looking into the soul, a way of sharing a part of yourself, a method for self-expression through a specific medium, but most of all I believe it to be about having the courage to make mistakes and to stand apart from everyone else.”

This year’s art poster frames the grand celebration of the 40th edition of Copenhagen Jazz Festival, which has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1979 to being one of the world’s largest of its kind in 2018. A weighty reason behind this growth is the festival’s status as a diverse urban festival, evolving and changing in line with the cultural developments in its parent city. Through the years artists such as Per Arnoldi and Tal R, Julie Nord and Halfdan Pisket have interpreted the festival as art, and in 2018 Copenhagen Jazz Festival is proud to present Christiane Spangsberg’s beautiful motif as the festival’s official ‘facade’ throughout Copenhagen.

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival’s poster artists since 1979

Every year since 1979, Copenhagen Jazz Festival has selected a Danish visual artist to create the official festival poster. These posters, created with a wide selection of artistic media – from paintings to collage, photos and graphic design – are not just a visual identity and an advertisement of the festival’s activities, but also art pieces in their own right, leading them to become sought after collector’s items. The book “Fyrre kunstplakater – én jazzfestival” (translation: “Forty art posters – one jazz festival”) collects these posters from 1979 to 2018.

1979: unknown // 1980 & 1981: Wibroe, Duckert & Partners // 1982: Pia Schutzmann // 1983: Per Arnoldi // 1984: Niels Reumert // 1985: Bo Bonfils // 1986: Jens Jørgen Thorsen // 1987: Hans Henrik Lerfeldt // 1988: Tom Krøjer // 1989: Bent Karl Jacobsen // 1990: Erik Rasmussen // 1991: Poul Janus Ipsen // 1992: Knud Odde // 1993: Egon Fischer // 1994: Leif Sylvester // 1995: Jørgen Nash // 1996: Lars Ravn // 1997: Henrik Have // 1998: Dorthe Dahlin // 1999: Per Kirkeby // 2000: Bjørn Nørgaard // 2001: Ejler Bille // 2002: Ib Spang Olsen // 2003: Per Arnoldi // 2004: Evren Tekinoktay // 2005: HuskMitNavn // 2006: Jonas Hecksher // 2007: Henrik Vibskov // 2008: Kasper Eistrup // 2009: Tal R // 2010: Søren Solkær Starbird // 2011: Kirstine Roepstorff // 2012: Leo Scherfig // 2013: Søren Behncke // 2014: Mikkel Sommer // 2015: Julie Nord // 2016: Halfdan Pisket // 2017: Rasmus Meisler // 2018: Christiane Spangsberg