Slagtehusgade 5e, 1715 København V, 1715 København V
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5e is a raw and intimate venue which since 2010 has offered both the top surface and the deepest surface of the Danish jazz scene. This is where ILK Music takes place during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and this is where Monday's Club stormed back and forth in the 5 years it existed. And this is where you can experience "The New Jazz Orchestra" every first Thursday with a premiere on 5 May 2022 The setting is naked and raw in the still secret gray part of Kødbyen, Copenhagen.
  • www.5e.dk
  • info@5e.dk
  • 2991 1898
  • Capacity: 60
  • Transport: 1A, 10, 14, M1, M2 (Nørreport st.), A, B, C, E, F, H (Hovedbanegården)

Concerts forCopenhagen Jazz Festival