Vinterjazz extends with an extra week in 2016, new dates set for February 5-28

The nationwide music festival Vinterjazz, which is, in fact, taking place for the 16th time, will last one week longer than it did previous years, so mark your calendar for the period of 5th-28th of February. This is partly due to the fact that we would like to include an extra weekend of the festival, but also because we want to attract some of the top international names who are touring in the last half of February.

Vinterjazz aims to launch the jazz season across the country for venues, organizers, associations, the audience, press and especially musicians, who get the chance to tour because of the increased activity in the period. Last year the festival set a new record with 100 venues and about 500 concerts spread throughout the country, and featured several sold-out concerts with increased media coverage, both locally and nationally.

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Photo by: Kristoffer Juel Poulsen
Musician: Adam Pultz Melbye (